The shadow once which was mine, now where is ?


The shadow once which was mine, now
where is ?

Depressed * Stephen (special student) is a skinny and dry person.
Who should pray, she thinks about it every day. But didn’t tell anyone financially
Strong but with a little morality when seeing many events that once lived in a vast region.
Punjab Province
At the age of 7-9 years, he lived in a very diverse area. Then they moved to the house.
The city area, in contrast to the mother-in-law, she often gives a short time to her son.
For moral surveillance But his father had But only strong hands In the early stages, his priests were
In his teaching, he was greatly defeated by the * Nori mosque, but the school teacher was gradually abused.
His mentor with resonance and a little nasty language for our society.
I am not the enemy of the priest. But their steps bothered me when they seized our society.
In the direction of being a religious fan Priests do not want to change the course of the mosque as they feel.
That school and higher education in schools that oppose Islam and Muslims But they don’t know
That this is the path for developing our country and society
I think about it because they know a little about the technology and education of the new era when we do something.
Step into this newly developed society from seasonal unemployment.
They have no experience in modern education media. They don’t have much information.
Linked to mathematics, economics, statistics and new taxes They have a monopoly in Arabic.
They don’t want coins in the kingdom.
Go back to our conversation. Stephen and his father had many wars.
Complications. Some horrific agreements with internal confusion caused him to confuse. That is why the father worked.
Do not call him why his father didn’t speak to his son with love. Otherwise, the father will be the largest.
Allah gives a peaceful blessing for his children. Put the name in Allah’s last 25 years.
He remembered that his father had not hugged him for 25 years. Whenever someone recognized these problems
Tears but didn’t tell anyone because they kept the secret
Only the father is the source of his children. Life and death are in the hands of Allah. When he was upset
The love of his father, I have a desire for your love. But there is no disturbing answer
He found this slow tongue. I always remember those slang words. Just tell me about it
In the case, but since I am with him, my brother and friends have nothing to help with these questions from my father (sepa)
You can
Everyone has insult But he has a lot I wrote this complaint because if someone else
They have a giant problem, their nameless father must save them without hesitation.

Disputes must be resolved by family members. My father didn’t label the flower bouquet.
The spirit of their children must deal with their friends. It’s high and low for everyone, but that’s something
It doesn’t mean not cooperating with friends, and your friends are a bright part of life.
Friends, family at home, they feel lonely, so they look like cemeteries when they’re not a father at home.
Help your house make a cemetery, take your time to your home.
You can save the house until it’s over. Why don’t some people understand what they have?
Family with children You don’t have to be a priest in your home, just understand you.
Why did they say they were angry and innocent and didn’t give us food?
The child was born hard but on this occasion I entered my heart, robbed my words but the answer
They dominate our community.
I always use the word keş community ders in my Muslim class because this is a monk
Seminars have many special privileges in society. Non-candidates will not have the right to speak
About Islam Because the type of faith in the gods is not a blood feud.
Stephen always shed a tear. But my prayer was with him.
Talk about him
Allah is with us …

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